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The perfect home

Free building

Hubiquo is a form of free construction

We are committed to creating the perfect home, safe and with all the modern comforts. Great anti-seismic and soundproofing skills, due to high insulation.
Designed on a modular base, it’s a prefab structure suitable for every environment, with construction completion and systems testing from 5 to 10 days according to the model.

It can be installed on every surface with a slab backing. The base modules are joined together through an assembly system creating a versatile final product. Ready to move in with all amenities.

From a cube to the perfect home

Composed modular architecture

The modular architecture is an innovative design and building system that takes advantage of the potential of prefabrication and line production.

The final result: minimise production timing for a quickly expedited structure, to give the client greater flexibility in creativity and composition of structure with the added cost benefits. After numerous ergonomics and contemporary living trend studies, we developed 5 perfect home models.

The basic cells, with fully finished interiors and amenities, are assembled on-site allowing for a variety of structural combinations. The steel supporting structure guarantees high strength as the modules can be overlayed to create complex structures, with double levels/floors.

Infinite finishing

The modular home you prefer

Hubiquo has a wide selection of finishings customisable by the customer:
- External finishing;
- Interior and main entrance door type and colour;
- Interior walls colours;
- Interior floor type and colours;
- Furniture;
- Bathroom furnishings.


TEIA - 65 mq

TEIAA small house, perfect to host a young couple or single person
and also as a second home for the holidays. The external composition has protruding, linear and geometric designs that give clean, elegant lines to the external aspect of this house. The wide covered area gained from the protruding elements is ideal for a variety of lounging and dining options. The internal composition consists of an open, bright space for daily activities. Through a small hall, there are two peaceful and intimate bedrooms.

ASIA - 88 mq

ASIA A house envisioned for a young family. The external composition has a defined geometric volume comprised of extroverted shapes with large windows, covered by an expansive contemporary peripheral lodge. The covered space is perfect for garden furniture and a dining table. The singlefloor
layout has large exterior-facing windows that allow for plenty of light to enter. From this bright space and through a corridor we find two cosy and private bedrooms suitable for the family.

EGEA - 120 mq

EGEA -The composition of this single-family villa is linear but dynamic; creating projections, covered spaces, terraces, and large windows giving the
house an overall open contemporary feel. A wide-open living room, comprised of creative storage solutions. Stairs with a floor-to-ceiling window allow light to enter the lower floor and upper floor where the bedrooms are situated.
Through a small corridor, we find two bedrooms creating a calm and intimate space. A terrace connected to the main bedroom shapes a perfect nook for a range of activities.

MAIA - 140 mq

MAIA is a single-family villa suitable for most families.
A highly stylised structure of off-set shapes that create a complex, but clean look with balconies, overhangs, and terraces. A wide bright living area on the ground floor with an upper level hosting 3 private bedrooms, one of which has direct access to a terrace. The upper level has also an overviewing zone where it is possible to install a small sauna or steam room, as well as exercise equipment.

IRIS - 155 mq

IRISI is a single-family villa with a modish external composition. The upper volumes are positioned to create a neat structure that generates a highly
contemporary home. On the ground floor, our largest structure has accessibility in mind by creating open space for a living and dining room.
On the upper level, the spatial distribution and the overviewing windows allow for an intimate and serene dimension. Terraces connected to the rooms; one to the master bedroom and the other to the main corridor. Here, a variety of private and communal settings can be created such as gym equipment
and steam or sauna rooms.